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Carcassonne: Amazonas

Item Details   Send your meeples in villages and tributaries that border the majestic river (while you're there, keep an eye out for fruit), and build camps in the jungle to observe...


Carcassonne Safari

Africa swelters under the blazing sun but an adventure on the savanna beckons! Monkeys swing in the trees, lions repose in the shade, and the ground shakes under the thunderous...


Carcassonne Over Hill and Dale

Carcassonne: Over Hill and Dale, a standalone game in the Carcassonne series, allows players to be farmers who care for animals on their large farms and cultivate the fruits and...


My First Carcassonne

Each year, the people of France celebrate a national holiday on July 14th. In Carcassonne, the people mark the day by releasing the sheep, chickens and cows from their pens....


Carcassonne: Under the Big Top

The circus is coming to Carcassonne with Under the Big Top , the tenth expansion for the legendary tile-laying game! Capturing the thrills of the circus, Under the Big Top...


Carcassonne: The Tower

Build towers high into the sky and experience an all new way to play tile-laying classic Carcassonne in The Tower expansion! With eighteen Land tiles and thirty tower floors, you...


Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers

This is a new game (not an expansion) in the Carcassonne line. It has new graphics, a new set of components, a theme set in the stone age, and new...

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Carcassonne Princess and the Dragon

In this third major expansion for the prize-winning Carcassonne, we move into the realm of fantasy. The land around Carcassonne is being visited by a dragon, making life very difficult for...

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Carcassonne Limited 12 Tile Expansion

Sold exclusively with Games Quarterly magazine. This limited twelve tile expansion for Carcassonne, includes 2 river tiles (a spring with an attached road, and a river between two cities) and...

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Carcassonne Inns & Cathedrals

The expansion offers all fans of Carcassonne new challenges: The Cathedral triples the value of a city, and the Inn doubles the value of a road - but only when...


Carcassonne Gold Rush

Get ready cowboys, there is gold to find!  The Far West. It starts with railroads and brings you to small camps that will quickly become cities. Trading with the Native Americans...


Carcassonne Count King and Robber

 Enhance the world of Carcassonne  with new characters in Count, King & Robber,  the sixth expansion in the legendary series. Will you take command of the largest city and rule with the...